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Deer Creek

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SM Climbs

Years ago when I wanted to learn how to use a new website design program I decided to practice by making a site that contained my
10 favorite climbs in the Santa Monica Mountains.
It just so happens that the DCDR contains five of those climbs. Some of #10, #9, #4, #1 and of course #7 are all part of this ride.
Check it out.

DCDR Web Stories

Steve's Cycling Blog - A recap of the 2011 DCDR.

The DCDR has some nice views.

Marg Fedyna's 2012 Recap of the DCDR - (Yes, Marg is that Marg, the Climbing Superstar)

Climbing Deer Creek on the DCDR in 2011 (Video) - You really need to watch from 4:15 to 5:15 to better understand the evil that Boris and the Mini Support Crew can do to you. Don't make this guy's mistake. :-)

Climbing Deer Creek (Video)  - A short movie made by Franco, a local bike shop.

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